Xavier Gazon - LAb[au]

Xavier Gazon is an electronic composer, sound designer and live performer from Belgium. The main part of his work as a musician deals with the interaction between live performance and studio creation. He has released tracks for different IDM, Electronica and Breakcore labels and designed soundscape-installations in cooperation with various media artists. Gazon is also the founder of the record-label 'Ex Nihilo'. Recently his work focuses on media interfaces.His last music project playboy's bend fuses circuit bending with glamour and pop. Circuit bending involves modifying internal circuitry of old toys, drum machines, 80's casio synths bought at flea markets and transforming them into unusual and fancy instruments. Samples collages & playboy's beat sequences taken from popular music archetypes like rock & punk, electro-techno, disco, reggae, contemporary music or waltz... or whatever and generated by some magical and funny dandy interfaces.

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