Synesthésie - LAb[au]

Synesthésie a network of current contemporary art

A pioneer of digital art since 1995, Synesthésie analyzes, presents and produces contemporary art for a wide audience: professionals in the domains of culture and new technologies, artists, researchers, art lovers...
Synesthesie confronts contemporary art to the specificities of digital media and the Internet.

Synesthésie has been conceived as a laboratory of observation, reflection and creation surrounding the technologisation of the world and the changes that it provokes in our relation to other living things and society in general. The art presented by Synesthesie adheres to the approaches of artists who desire to experiment the boundaries of art. It incites the public to inhabit the work of art, to participate in the construction of the environment presented to them, and to actively enter into a process.

The website is a platform for reflection, and also presents in the Virtual Art Center, a collection of artworks created specifically on the web for Synesthesie.

Synesthesie supports artists with an awareness of contemporary issues and who engage in innovative projects. Many projects have been created and different means of aid for creation have been put in place, notably through the residency program (Serge Lhermitte, Catherine Poncin, Nakazato Shinya...) or through commands to artists like LAb[au], Nicolas Moulin, Pierre-Jean
Giloux, Younès Rahmoun, Sultra&Barthélémy...

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