Numeriscausa - LAb[au]

Numeriscausa is a gallery in Paris, France focusing on digital arts. The project was born three years ago believing that digital arts, though stammering and often fascinated by avant-garde experiments or new technologies, had to face contemporary art both from the point of view of critics, audience and institutions and that of market and collectors.

The stakes are to enlarge the diffusion of these works and prove that the so-called digital arts have achieved maturity. To respond to this aim, numeriscausa has decided to commit themselves to the mission of helping artists in creating and releasing their works in France as well as on the international scene.Finally, they wish to create new synergies between technical and artistic competences with the aim of making the most of the new hybrid domain of digital arts, design and architecture.

Artists of the gallery:
Grégory Chatonsky, Miguel Chevalier, Eduardo Kac, LAb[au], Antoine Schmitt, Gilles Conan, besides others

Director Stéphane Maguet
Adjoint Director Julie Miguirditchian

Numeriscausa Gallery
53 bld. Beaumarchais
F-75003 Paris

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