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Origin of GLOW In 2006 there was a demand for an event, with which Eindhoven could profile itself on a qualitative and distinguished manner in the area of light, which would fit in the image of Eindhoven as a creative, design- and technological city. The foundation of GLOW as a lightartevent starts with the organisation of the Annual General Meeting of LUCI in 2007. LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) is an organisation in which approximately 60 prominent cities and third parties are connected too, Philips included.

The first GLOW in 2006 was a try-out for the LUCI meeting in 2007 which took place in Eindhoven, and appeared to be a hole-in-one. GLOW provides a platform for artists, designers and architects who are working with light. There are exposé's in public space and interaction with the city view and audience is considered a manual for the artworks. Projections, video, computers, sensor, animation; GLOW shows that the possibilities of lightart are endless.

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