Glomag - LAb[au]

Glomag aka Chris Burke is a sound collagist and a gameboy artist based in New York. He released several records under the name of Chris Burke and with his band Glorified Magnified in the 1990's, including "All Wave Super" on Sire Records in 1994. He is also the owner of Bong+Dern, a music production company that has pioneered work in web-based music such as an interactive remix of Bjork's " I've seen it all ". Being a sound designer and a composer, Glomag borrows sometimes his material from 80's new wave music (one must listen to his Normal/Grace Jones "Warm Leatherette" remix). Glomag likes to cut, to reassemble, to overlay chip tunes or jerky drumloops outputted by his gameboy. Although he is using Gameboy sounds in a majority of his tunes, don't expect to hear any nerdy videogames cheap tunes here, Glomag's music is rich and complex exploring the fractured narration of the collective unconscious.

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