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Located on the former Garnier distillery's site, the Centre des arts is a place of artistic diffusion and production. A digital writing stage, subsidized by the french ministry of Culture and Communication.

At the crossroads of arts and its applications, this place boils with proposals intended for all public: exhibitions, performances, cinema, conferences and workshops. A true centre of resources, the CDA opens the door to professional reflexions, public mediations and the production and diffusion of artistic projects. The CDA develops, above all, its expertise on digital writing and hybrid forms of creation.

Created in 2002 on the initiative of Enghien-les-Bains, the Centre des arts declines its programming in the crossings of performing arts, plastic arts, cinema, design and favoured multiculturalism by developing meetings between French and international creations. Programmed both by its international dimension and the upholding of creations and welcoming residences, it answers to a logic of production and publishing, linking arts, sciences and technologies. It mixes famous international artistic references over the last 60 years and young emerging talents.

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