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art press magazine Founded in 1972, art press is a monthly magazine offering news and analysis on contemporary arts, taking a committed interest in artistic developments globally. art press offers its readers a unique editorial approach, linking together the different forms of contemporary creation, with not only the visual arts but also literature, photography, video, cinema, electronic arts, dance, theater and music. It thus offers a wide-ranging, comparative perspective on culture. Every month, in-depth articles analyze the main artistic events and cultural phenomena of the day, as well as emerging tendencies and currents of thought. Special sections cover particular artistic scenes while interviews convey the viewpoints of artists, curators and dealers. Each issue also offers an array of exhibition reviews and columns on regular themes (art market, literature, etc.). art press has been published in a bilingual (French/English) edition since 1992. Every year the magazine also publishes special issues and thematic collections.

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