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Arcadi is the French regional body founded by the Region ile de France, in charge of artistic creation and presenting. Arcadi is helping Dance, Theatre, Opera, French singing and multimedia on the ile-de-France territory. The multimedia department is leading three different projects : production (by its co production funds ACME), presenting and showing multimedia works in ile-de-France and also organizes the Nemo Festival.

The co-production funds ACME (aide à la creation multimedia experimentale) helps the creation of artistic multimedia works such as audiovisual performances, interactive installations, web projects, hybrid films, experimental digital cinema .... 3 times a year, following a specific agenda, we receive the projects and organize artistic committees composed of the Arcadi's multimedia team and 4 external professionals in order to choose the works Arcadi will help. Artists or production companies are able to apply. A very simple application form can be found on our web site, in the multimedia section. After fulfilling this document, and its acceptance by the service, the applicants will have to provide a complete presentation kit including images, budget and production schedule. If the project is selected, both artists and producers will be requested to present their project during 40 min to the artistic committee. Each year Arcadi receives around 120 projects, and supports around 15 of them.

For the multimedia works's showing and presenting there are no such thing as artistic committees, application forms or schedule. The service receives projects all year long. These projects could concern venues or artists that would like to get a showing support in order to present, screen or exhibit multimedia works in ile de France.

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