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LAb[au] is an artist group, conceiving digital artworks and public art installations. Our work uses technology and the specificities of digital media, with aesthetics resulting from it. In the Art field, technology permits us to conceive artworks as systems rather than artifacts, with shapes that would result from definitive choices. Most of our artworks go beyond the realm of screen and speakers, bringing kinetic elements into play : motors, solenoids, and memory wires are regularly used. As systems, these artworks usually have sensors or are fed by a generative algorythm. As artists we feel that we have to master all the necessary tasks to bring an artwork to life. It even inspires us in our practice, and so we do all the production in house: from metal and wood work, to programming or electronics conception and smd assembly. The Propeller is an ideal microprocessor for us; the availability of user's code and librairies is providing many opportunities to experiment. The many formats (DIP, QFP, prototyping board) are enabling flexibility in the production and of course the parallel processing just "makes sense". There is no task coming from our imagination, that the Propeller could not do. In fact we like it so much that from 2008 onwards, we must have used at least a 1000 pcs and we introduced it to many people during creative workshops. Some artworks using the Propeller: •

"Signal to Noise"
"Binary Waves"
"EOD 2"




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