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Bright Matter - A group show exploring light, space, and perception
written by Alexander Scholz

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Bright Matter, group show
gallerie Muriel Guepin, NYC

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0r1gam1 form studies
0r1gam1 rhombus freeform
0r1gam1 hexa freeform

'...Illusive rear-projections, flickering moirés, fluorescent puzzle boxes: opening this Friday, November 21st, at Muriel Guépin Gallery in New York City is 'Bright Matter', a dazzling group show that'll bend, warp and (if only briefly) break the way we see. Curated by artist Joanie Lemercier (FR) and produced by Juliette Bibasse (FR), 'Bright Matter' presents a selection of enigmatic works by five international artists widely recognized for their spatial-aesthetic research, creative engineering, and stunning perceptual hacks. "Capitalizing on cutting edge technology in order to manipulate perception, the delusive displays by LAb[au] (BE), Numen / For Use (AT/HR), Joanie Lemercier (FR), Nonotak (FR/JP), and François Wunschel (FR) demonstrate how light articulates reality—and how easily we are deceived," the press release says. Gathering an exciting roster of CAN favorites (see the links to previous project coverage below), 'Bright Matter' poses to be a rare juxtaposition of diverse works that "use light as a medium and space as a canvas" (Joanie Lemercier) in one place:


- LAb[au]'s 0r1gam1_helix RGB (2014) is a kinetic wall-mounted cluster of twenty-one paper triangles that, animated with memory alloy springs, slowly changes texture and colour in random loops or sequential machinations. As individual segments flip, they mimic prisms, partially refracting the white surface into red, green and blue.
'Bright Matter' will be on view from November 21st 2014 to January 11th 2015 at Muriel Guépin Gallery (Lower East Side Manhattan, 83 Orchard Street, 10002 New York City).'

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