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The digital spring keeps on !

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The digital spring keeps on !
A few dayx after the closing of Art Brussels and Slick, the digital spring takes a new momentum with the opening of Passion art (cinetic/digital) expo at Denise René (in the Paris Marais). Using a computer geek gimmick as the Algorists defining themselves, Denise René dons :

# passion art (cinetique - numéerique) ;
if (art) then (cinetique) ;

The gallery hade made some previous effort, giving a wall to Torres, or making a bold experiment with the generative forms of Verlinde projected on a cinetic sculpture by Schoeffer. But this time marks a real divide. Until june 22 they show seven digital artists : Agam, Cruz-Diez, Crespin, LAb[au], Pe Lang, Torres and Zimoun. Agam makes the link with the 1960's cinetic art, of which Denise René was an important supporter. Crespin, Pe Lang and Torres are present at Villa Empain (Brussels)...

But, until further analysis, a peak of sophistication is here reached with the recent works of LAb[au].


Particle Springs (2011) displays, on a set of four small screens, delicate lines, like flowing silk cloth. m0sa1que_4x4x4 hides on a simple matrix of white squares, lightened by three colored projectors, the famed Game of Life of Conway.

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