digitalarti nr.8 - LAb[au]

digitalart nr.8
digital art magazine
january, february, march edition

feedback digital arts festivals

article by: Dominique Moulon
page 28-29

todaysart (cimatics 2012) Brussels
Tessel, kinetic sound art installation
by: David Letellier and LAb[au] 2010


... 'Sonic Tessellation
The meeting point of the TodaysArt Festival in Brussels adjoining the Midi train station also houses a sound installation. It is called Tessel and was developed through the collaboration between the artist David Letellier and the LAb[au] Collective.Its title is derived from the term "tessellation", which describes the subdivision of a surface into polygons. Tessel is itself subdivided into about forty triangular surfaces, certain of which are controlled by motors while others are equipped with audio transducers. This large scale folding which is hung above the spectators is in constant evolution. The grainy sounds it emits places those who are sheltered by its metamorphoses in a situation of sonic


immersion. The movements, like the sounds, seem to stretch on forever while this kinetic sound sculpture seems like the invisible part of a limitless and invisible whole, all over. Tessel is unstable, in transition and these fragments are the perpetual transmission of mechanical efforts - a meeting of art, mathematics, geometry and physics.'

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