Qwartz 7 - LAb[au]

Qwartz 7 _ Electronic Music Award

LAb[au] nominated in the category.

nominared artists:
Desherence by ANTIVJ [France]
Donjon by Cécile Babiole [France]
Dust by Herman Kolgen [Canada]
Stimuline by Julien CLAUSS & Lynn POOK [France / Germany]
Framework f5x5x5 by LAb[au] [Belgium]
Black Metal Forever by Michaël Sellam [France]
Asynthome by Yroyto & Transforma [France / Germany]

New Media Arts Jury:
Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr, Gilles Alvarez, Charles Carcopino, Régine Debatty, Benoît Guérinault, Anne Roquigny, Gerfried Stocker, Alain Thibaut

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