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Tessel, kinetic sound art installation
by David Letellier and LAb[au]

A Robotic Kaleidoscope That Hangs From the Ceiling
by: Cliff Kuang

Do you like kaleidoscopes? Do you like robots? You're in luck! Tessel, created by David Letellier & Lab[au], is basically a giant robotic kaleidoscope suspended from the ceiling. In all, it's made of 40 separate mirrors, which join to form a 13'x6.5' expanse. These were created using tiling software -- similar to the software engines that computer animators use to create polygonal wireframes. Eight of those mirrors hide speakers, and 12 of them are connected to motors.

The moving mirrors respond to the sounds by changing configuration, and what results is aural, kinetic piece of sculpture: If you happen to be in Brussels, it's on display at the Media Room through December 12th. If you're not in Brussels, just watch the video above, while wearing black and sitting in a room where everything is painted dove gray. It'll feel almost the same!

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