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Elektra 10 essais

man in e.space_extended, audiovisual dance performance

Angles Digital Arts [Elektra10 Essays] is a first publishing initiative for Elektra that gathering texts of three authors [Daniel Canty + Vincent Bonin + Grégory Chatonsky] who's concerned with media arts and new media.

To commemorate ten years of the international digital arts festival Elektra, Angles Digital Arts presents an encounter between a theoretical standpoint, inspired and informed by practice, on the concept of "tra(ns)duction" (Chatonsky), a historical perspective exploring various media arts festivals (Bonin), and a literary essay in which the metaphorical principle of the machine is the driving force for reflection (Canty). Also, the book marks ten years of the festival through a photographic selection that retrace Elektra's strong moments since 1999.

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