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by Chris Collins

weather.tower, permanent illumination Brussels Dexia Tower

A tower in Brussels that predicts the weather! A project by the Nonsense Society's own LAb[au]!

The project takes as starting point Brussels' 145 m high Dexia Tower, from which 4200 windows can be individually color-enlightened by RGB-led bars. For the next two months a new project within the series 'Who's Afraid of Red, Green and Blue', will forecast tomorrow's weather for Brussels, in collaboration with the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium.
The project displays tomorrow's temperature, cloudiness, precipitations, and wind, by using colors and geometrical patterns to visualize these data.
A color-code corresponds to tomorrow's temperature compared to the monthly average, linked to a scale of color-temperatures ranging from violet ( -6° or colder ), blue ( -4° ), cyan ( -2° ), green ( monthly average ), yellow ( +2° ), orange ( +4° ) to red ( +6° or warmer ):
For example: When tomorrow's temperature is two degrees higher than the monthly average, the tower colors 'yellow'. Furthermore, the level (dark / light) of this color corresponds to the light-condition of the sky of the upcoming day.
Geometrical patterns are created with a vector-field, constituted of small lines which constantly re-orient, causing patterns, letters and numbers to appear. These patterns are visualizing tomorrow's cloudiness, showers (rain, snow, ice ...) and wind.

Copyright LAb[au], All Rights Reserved.
Artists: LAb[au]
Architects: Philippe Samyn & Partners, M & J.M. Jaspers - J. Eyers & Partners
Lighting Engineer: Barbara Hediger
For more on this project go here.

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