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International Lighting Design Index 2010

ISBN: 978-3-89986-108-2
Helmut M. Bien / Markus Helle

Rubric: architecture / interior design
256 pages, english, Hardback, 236 colour illustrations, 8.1 x 8.1 inch
The first professional guide for the international lighting design scene - appearing every two years.

LAb[au] featured with the project:
binary waves, urban cybernetic installation

about the book

Light is a 21st century building material. New technologies that precisely control light and are economical into the bargain are opening up unimagined design potential. The urbanisation of the world, ecological challenges and worlds of work which stretch across time zones demand an architecture of light. Architects, designers and artists become the directors of light: they see buildings and spaces as three-dimensional media which tell stories. The dream of an immaterial, ethereal architecture is receiving fresh sustenance. The book presents the players who are marking out current international trends with their light concepts: for office buildings, in urban planning as well as for cultural buildings and urban night life.

Both editors are well known in the lighting design scene: Markus Helle is editor in chief of "Highlight" magazine, Helmut M. Bien is curator of the "Luminale" festival in Frankfurt.

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