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title: Eye Candy: LAb[au]'s f5x5x5
Date: 18.11.2009
Publisher: Rain Noe

featured project: framework f5x5x5, kinetic light art installation

That there is the Brussels-based collective LAb[au]'s new project/installation, the unwieldily-named "f5x5x5." The quartet of creatives behind LAb[au], Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, Alexandre Plennevaux and Els Vermang, examine "the transformation of architecture and spatio-temporal structures in accordance to the technological progress within a practice entitled 'MetaDeSIGN.' Metadesign [meta = information about information] displayes the theme of space-constructs relative to information processes - architecture as code."

Okay. Ready for the project description?
The f5x5x5 sculpture is a kinetic and luminous framework conceived and realised by LAb[au]. In software development, a framework is a methodological tool based on re-usable chunks of code, code libraries or other software pieces to assist, to develop and to glue together the different components of a software project. In regards to the f5x5x... installation the term 'framework' refers to the installation's constituting elements, a raster of fix and kinetic aluminum frames. The installation title indicates the resolution instructing the numbers of modules used such f5x5x1 equal one module up to f5x5x5 equal 5 modules.

Further 'framework' refers to the multiple operating modes of the installation, from a low resolution display to a generative and interactive sculpture. Consequently the term 'framework' can be understood as a way to manage conceptually and technically the sculpture's sequential operating


modes and the rules by which they switch from one mode to another.

I have to admit that after reading the abstract I'm none the wiser...but ooh, lookitit!

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