A10 - LAb[au]

new European architecture
sep/oct 2009 n#29
section: Lgiht effect

LAb[au[ presented over 3 pages page53-56
featured projects:
binary waves, cybernetic urban installation
with the undertitle: waves of light
Touch, interactive urban installation
with the undertitle: Light as a medium

Light effect
The inherent changeability of natural light has inspired generations of artists and architects. The subtle changes in light over the course of a day and in different weather conditions prompted Claude Monet to paint Rouen Cathedral over and over again. Each of the nine paintings he made of the building between 1892 and 1894 reveals a completely different picture and different colours, varying from brown to lilac, blue and red. Architect Ben van Berkel of UNStudio was so impressed by the sight of the sun setting over the waters of the IJsselmeer that he attempted to capture this experience in the faceted, ton-sur-ton orange facades of the Agora Theatre in Lelystad. As such, the introduction of artificial lighting, which was such a blessing for ordinary people, can be seen as actually quite restricting for designers.

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