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Name of the text: Places to see: Brussels' Dexia Tower & LAb[au] Light the Sky
Date: 24.07.2008

Publisher: Marsha Leveque
featured project: chrono.tower, generative illumination project

Sky scraping buildings play muse for artists worldwide. And now artists are going one step further by using actual buildings as their canvas. In cities like Philadelphia and New York we've seen mild executions of this idea. A tinted tower, a few blinking lights or a colored crown occasionally adorn the metropolitans. But, full on takeovers are rare. Except for the Zero Energy Wall, we haven't seen anything like the works from LAb[au], an innovative urban & architecture design studio from Brussels.

Partnering with folks from the Dexia Tower, LAb[au] created a series of light installations for their building. The picture above is from their Who's afraid of RGB? installation. Creative Review wrote a great article on the design collective.

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