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fLux binary waves: Urban Visualization Installation
Date: 19.11.2008
Publisher: Andrew Vande Moere

featured project: binary waves, cybernetic urban installation

"fLux, binary waves is an urban visualization installation based on the measurement and real-time representation of infrastructural (passengers, cars...) and communicational (electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones, radio...) flows. The kinetic wall comprises of a network of 32 rotating and luminous panels of 3 meter-high and 60 centimetres wide, placed apart every 3 meters. The panels rotate around their vertical axis, and have a black reflective surface on one side, the other being plain mat white. The microprocessors are connected to infrared sensors, capturing the surrounding infrastructural flows, and defining the frequency, amplitude and synchronization of the panel rotations. The installation proposes an urban sign having as subject the "urban", and as message to be a "catalyst" of urban flows in a play of kinetics, lights and sound."

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