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under the title: Dexia's light show

Touch, interactive urban illumination Brussels' Dexia Tower

Dexia's light show
Touch is a project by the Belgian digital design and art lab LAb(au). The project takes as a starting point Brussels' 145m high Dexia Tower, from which 4200 windows can be individually colour-enlightened, by RGB-Led bars, turning the fa├žade into an immense display. Instead of considering this infrastructure as a flat screen (surface) displaying pre-rendered video loops, the project is working on the architectural characteristics of the tower and its urban context. On Place Rogier, at the bottom of the tower, a station is mounted where people can interact either individually or collectively with the visual and luminous display. Once a composition is created, it can be sent as an electronic postcard with a snapshot from the tower, taken from a distant location. It is also uploaded on the specific project website ( & where people can retrieve their postcard, as electronic and printable format, with Christmas and New Year's wishes from Brussels.

Copyright Images: Artists: LAb(au) - Architects: Philippe Samyn & Partners, M & J.M. Jaspers - J. Eyers & Partners. Lighting Engineer: Barbara Hediger

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