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titlet: LAb[au]: PixFlow #2
Date: 26.10.2007

Publisher: Marius Watz
featured project:
PixFlow #2, generative artconsole

Our friends at LAb[au] have sent us an update on a recent project called PixFlow #2. This multi-screen piece explores emergent behaviors in particles moving through a constantly morphing vector field, producing complex behaviors over time. Particles migrate from screen to screen, hypnotically forming lines, eddies and vortices.

PixFlow was originally developed as an permanent 11-screen installation, pixflow #1, for the Grand Casino Brussels, but this new 4-screen version is slightly more portable. Designed as a modular system, it encloses the stripped hardware used in an elegant T-shaped perspex casing. The piece is run off flash memory so that it's stable for long-term use. The architecture even allows switching to new software at a later date.

Based in Brussels, LAb[au] are veterans of media art and experimental architecture. They've made a mark in the past with their Mediaruimte showroom for electronic art and their collaborations with the Cimatics festival. They have also produced and curated several light pieces for the spectacular Dexia Tower media facade in downtown Brussels.

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