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Deep Sites
Intelligent Innovation in Contemporary Web Design

Max Bruinsma
Publication 2003

Thames & Hudson, London, April 2003
Paperback: 192 pages
Language: English / French
ISBN-10: 0500283842
ISBN-13: 978-0500283844

featured project by LAb[au]:
page 112-113, animation section

About the publication:
New technologies and applications, along with ever-more-sophisticated compression techniques and broadband services, have accelerated the growth of the web and the number of its users over the last two or three years - and given rise to a great variety of innovations and experimentations. The first of its kind, this book matches the critical issues and discourses of the new media with cutting-edge web design in six introductory essays and over 130 website reviews.

Bruinsma organizes the various elements in Deep Sites into five areas: "Interface," involving the actual navigation of cyberspace; the application of "Typography" to onscreen media that moves type from a spatial to a temporal art form; "Animation," another aspect of a time-based medium; "Community,"


which explores the growth of amateur personal and community home pages; and "Authoring," using the Web as "text" to sample and resample content and technique.

Animation section is acknowledging the need for 're-mediation' of tried and trusted design routines, Animation views the web as a 'time-based' medium, in which 'print' and 'TV' environments are combined into new formats.

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