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Name of the text: space navigable music
Date: 2002

Publisher: Kathy Rae Huffman & Karel Dudesek

featured project:
space navigable music _ online version (offline since 2007)

'space navigable music' investigates the impact of new technologies and particularly, modeling languages and real time 3D rendering (such as VRML) on the notions of space and time. The website links the theoretical researches to several interactions in a real time space, including sound. This group is recognized internationally as achieving a new level of excellence in both online representation and real space design.

In revue d'architecture A+ 173 (fev./mars 2002) their work 'soundscapes' is described (in part) in an text:
In relation to our subject " soundscapes ", for example sine waves can be seen with the aid of devices like oscilloscopes or computers. The materials of sound, modeled as sine waves, described by numbers, are seen. A composition can be reduced to relationships between the notes, pitches and loudness changing over time. At any point in time the notes can be reduced to a sum of sine waves, and so described by numbers. These numbers can be assigned colors or space coordinates. When the colors or topographies are displayed music is made visible, spatial. Now, through technology, a musical moment can be captured, described in numbers and rendered in color and space. Visual music is created. Listen with your eyes.

Technical requirements: PC Pentium III, 128 RAM, Internet Explorer 5.5+, Direct x 7 and Open GL, Flash 5 and VRML BLAXXUN 5

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