rouge vert bleu _ blanc - LAb[au]

rouge, vert, bleu _ blanc
red, green, blue _ white
solo show LAb[au]

at: CDA, Centre Des Arts
Enghien-Les-Bains, France
curator: Emmanuel Cuisinier

opening: 09.04.2015 >18h30

for the exhibition a new monography about LAb[au] will be available

about the exhibition:

Space, light and motion
LAb[au] is an artist trio constituted of Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock and Els Vermang, found in 1997 in Brussels. As their group name already suggests their artistic background is architecture and more specifically the exploration of space and its perception. In this exhibition LAb[au] relates colour to light and motion, as did before Victor Vasarely with his synesthetic perceptions:
" We share the idea about multidimensional installations rather than sculptures and paintings... and our ideas are close to his synthesis of arts, a vision he expressed through his idea of a polychrome city." LAb[au], July 2013
Red, green, blue and white are the three primary colours of light and their synthesis. In continuity of 60's op art, the proposal is to play with perception while using as much hi- as low-tech. This exhibition is conceived as a space of perception where the vibrations of colour meet the generative motion of the works.


presented works:

chrono.prints, computer generated prints 2009
mono.chrono, real time computer generated prints 2015 (premiere)
chroma, thermo-chromatic installation 2013
mozaique 4x4x4 white, kinetic light installation, 2013
mozaique 4x4x4 black, kinetic light installation, 2013
1x10e-15 glass sculpture, 2014 (premiere)
origamiHexa 21x3 RGB, kinetic paper installation, 2013
origamiSquare 6x6x4, kinetic paper installation, 2013
leit.motif, kinetic installation 2014

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