Exit 2015 - MAC - LAb[au]

festival Exit 2015
cinema and after...

curator: Charles Carcopino

26.03 - 05.04.2015
Maison Des Arts of Creteil, France

the festival is featuring LAb[au]:
particle synthesis, av installation

about the exhibition:
In today's world, filmmaking lurks in every corner of the home sphere and in every instant of public and private life. This evolution has made the status of 'spectator' an ambiguous one, transforming the public into potential film producers and distributors. The cell phone has become a portable 'mini studio' - radically changing the way we consume and produce images and increasing our capacity for creative output while deeply upsetting established social roles and structures. The Exhibition explores these emerging practices through an exhibition of new media installations from international artists.

the exhibition will also be presented at:
Espace Sculfort, Maubeuge France 12.03-22.03.2015
Gare Lille Saint Saveur, Lille France

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