zéro-un - LAb[au]

zéro un
first solo-show of LAb[au]
Denise Renè Gallery
Rive Gauche
196, bd Saint-Germain Paris 7, France

08.02.2014 - 22.03.2014

featured works:
origamiSquare 6x6x4 kinetic paperwork
origamiSquare 6x6x1, kinetic paperwork
origamiHelix RGB, kinetic paperwork
leitmotiv, kinetic installation
chronoPrints, computer generated artprints
framework notations, computer generated artprints
binary waves notations,, computer generated artprints
particle springs, generative artconsole

'Zéro un' is the first solo show of LAb[au] at Denise Réne on Paris' Boulevard Saint Germain. This influential avant-gardist gallery devoted to kinetic, cybernetic and op-art represents artist like Victor Vasarely, Julio Le Parc, Jesús Rafael Soto, Max Bill, Carlos Cruz-Diez ,... besides many other major artists of geometric abstraction.


The exhibition shows recent works of the Belgian art studio, exploring the relation between form and colour, space and light. These classical notions of art are confronted to the digital realm. In the centre of LAb[au]'s artistic approach stands a formalistic thinking in systems combining digital with analogue technologies. 'Zero un' not only numbers LAb[au]'s first exhibition at the gallery but mainly expresses LAb[au]'s concept reflecting the notion of binary states and numeric logic inherent to algorithmic creation and its inherent aesthetics.

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