Noise - LAb[au]

Noise, group exhibtion

curator. Alessandro Carrer, Bruno Barsanti
in collaboration with:
Marisa Vescovo and Boris Brollo - art critics

The exhibition production is handled by the non-profit association De Arte.

invited Artists:
Anne-James Chaton, Pascal Dombis, Piero Gilardi, LAb[au], Joseph Nechvatal, Carsten Nicolai, Roberto Pugliese, Francesco Quarta Colosso, Pablo Rasgado, Andrea Rossi Andrea Ground Plane Antenna

Magazzino di Campo San Cassiano
Calle della Regina, 2254
Campo San Cassian, Venice, Italy

Opening: 29th May
Exhibtion: 30th May - 20th October 2013

featured project by LAb[au]: PixFlow # 2, generative art console

Noise deals with visual noise in the contemporary field. It outlines a new aesthetics of noise, excess and immersion. It is based on a 2011 book 'Immersion into Noise' by the artist / theorist


Joseph Nechvatal. According to him, the new digital technologies convey an excessive amount of informational data that leads to the progressive merging of the traditional concepts of figure and ground. This merging generates new forms of immersive noise and brings along with it new viewing expectations and experiences. The dozen artists selected for Noise engage mainly with digital media and adopt a modus operandi based on immersion into noise by placing process in a privileged position with regards to representation. They frequently utilize techniques that might have previously been termed as leading to error. They, however, perform a mode of detournement by using error to create unexpected aesthetic critical pleasures.

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