poème numérique - LAb[au]

Poème Numérique / digital poem
group exhibition

at: Atomium, Brussels
from: 22.06.- 20.09.2013

exhibition opening: 21.06.2013 >19h
for the opening please send an RSVP to info@atomium.be
press preview: 18.06.2013

Visual + System, Joanie Lemercier - AntiVJ, LAb[au]

about the exhibition

'Light, color, rhythm, image, sound; the basis, the data's for a new performance; we can call it electronic play'
Le Corbusier, in 'Le poème éléctronique', ed. les Editions de Minuit, 1958.

Visual System, AntiVJ and LAb[au] join forces for the first edition of ID, the Atomium's new annual summer fest. While most of the spheres of this atom-shaped building exhibit the history of the World Exhibition which took place at and around the Atomium in 1958, these three artist collectives exhibit in one sphere their interpretation of the themes featured within. Drawing inspiration from history's prelude to transdisciplinary interplay; the Poème Eléctronique, the artists use 'Light, colour, rhythm, image, sound' - the elements appointed by its architect; Le Corbusier of a so-called Poème Eléctronique. Hosted by the Philips pavilion, this 'Gesamtkunstwerk' provided more than a technological post-war positivism - it prefigured the intersection of traditional and


contemporary arts. At the verge of both, LAb[au] investigates the perceptive, optical and physical qualities of color on the first floor of the sphere while Visual System and AntiVJ investigate the spatial qualities of light on the second floor. Wandering through numeral poetics, material and immaterial qualities of light and space are challenged.


about LAb[au]'s participation

LAb[au] researches the perceptive, optical and physial qualities of colour by three artworks; 'chrono', 'chroma' and 'm0za1que'. Colour and pattern change under influence of respectively time, temperature and motion. Each of these procesdriven artworks researches the pictoral space of the surface, transposing geometric abstraction and conceptual tradition to contemporary quests.

LAb[au] is an artist-trio constituted of Manuel Abendroth, Els Vermang and Jérôme Decock. Their oeuvre displays themes as colour, light, sound and motion and is characterized by space, concept and process. LAb[au]'s experimental and innovative art-practice focuses on fundamental research on contemporality in art.

presented artworks:
m0za1que_3x4x4 , kinetic light art installation
m0za1que_3x4x4_black, kinetic light art installation
chroma, thermo-chromatic light art installation
chrono.day, 24 generative prints

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