Multiply - LAb[au]

International Design Conference about Diversity

Master's Degree Visual Communication
University of Art and Design Linz
Linz, Austria

conference LAb[au], Els Vermang
about: MetaDesign

MULTIPLY is this year's call for interdisciplinary networking. During a one-day conference designers, scientists and creative thinkers are invited to influence, adopt and modify their working methods and generate new thinking models and approaches to their disciplines. MULTIPLY is thereby exploring diversity in the field of visual communication and links the creative practice with the arts, social and natural sciences in order to multiply their scope.

Creativity emerges wherever there is great variety. This diversity at times results in instability, however, it can also transform existing patterns and modify given structures. Thus new dynamic processes emerge that enable participants with different skills to work in a wide range of fields. It also holds great opportunities for new collaborations: diversity entails emergence, which means the development of new forms of design by multiplying the existing capacities.

Since the design practice is divided into many specializations, 'undisciplined' approaches are needed to find unusual references and inspiring influences. Designers have to overcome traditional


constraints of their profession: only new research methods using collaborative approaches and creative impulses make new developments even possible. MULTIPLY is therefore cross-linking professionals from various fields to explore creative potentials and redefining the 101 of design principles.

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