Luminato 2012 - LAb[au]

Luminato 2012
annual multi-disciplinary celebration of theatre, dance, music, literature, food, visual arts, and more.

SignalToNoise, installation
LAb[au] 2012
08.06 - 30.06.2012

Toronto Pearson international Airport
Check-in Hall
Toronto Canada

about the installation:

The transformation of random letters into legible words is at the technocentric heart of S/N (Signal To Noise), created by the Belgian artists LAb[au]. The installation is constructed from an assortment of discarded technology and salvaged split-flaps, components from the information displays that predated LED monitors in public spaces like airports and train stations.
Arranged in a circular grid, the flaps randomly rotate until the system identifies a word. The flow of words creates an auto-poetic sequence, inviting viewers to interpret its meaning.

LAb[au] explores the theme of space and time constructs relative to information processes. Its three members - Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock and Els Vermang - specialize in system art and are mainly active within the interactive, reactive and generative realm.

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