artificial garden - LAb[au]

artificial garden
group exhibition

SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art
Seoul, South Korea

04.12 - 23.12.2012

curator: Regina Shin

Artificial Garden is about new paradigm in contemporary creative practices, which tends to blur the boundaries such as 'design' 'art' 'architecture' 'technology' 'sound' etc. and cross the limits in traditional aesthetics.

particle springs, generative art console

invited artists:
Archigram, Haus-Rucker-Co, Ranbir Kaleka, Yangachi, KWON Byungjun, HYBE, Taka Hiro Matsuo, LAb[au], Sophie Clements...

about the exhibition:
The Seoul Museum of Art (Director Kim Hong-hee) is holding an exhibition titled Artificial Garden at the Nam Seoul Museum of Art, located in Sadang, from December 4 to 23. The exhibition will showcase new media artworks in which various genres such as architecture, media, and sound are realized. The exhibition will serve as a venue for overseas artists based in the UK, Belgium, Japan, Australia


and India, as well as for five Korean artists to present their new works under the theme of 'Artificial Garden'.

Notably, this exhibition will present early photos and nineteen drawings by Haus-Rucker-Co., widely recognized as a pioneer of avant-garde architecture in the 20th century, together with Archigram, for the first time in Korea. Haus-Rucker-Co was founded by the artist Klaus Pinter and architects G√ľnter Zamp Kelp and Laurids Ortner. It does not limit the scope or activities of its works, which range from architectural design to performance art, to a particular medium or form. Furthermore, it endeavors to actively disseminate the concept of 'temporary architecture' or 'disposable architecture', which predicts changes in the environment early on. Forest (2012) by Indian artist Ranbir Kaleka shows fancy time and space that transcend reality based on the odd characteristics of the combined media of painting and video, but the plot of the art consists in reporting reality, mainly focusing on existential problems such as the problems of migratory workers or the life of Indians, from the perspective of the artist's own experiences.

Media artist Yangachi creates artworks that decipher the political, economic, and cultural codes of the digital environment and network systems of the past ten years. Currently, he is planning to present (2012), which is an installation and performance work based on storytelling practices.

Garden in the Air (2012) is a sound art installation work by KWON Byungjun, who is well known for his indie band activities such as "Pippie Long Stocking" or "Wonder Bird". It is a real-time work of art in which programmed sound is performed through sixteen speaker channels by a light sensor. This work of art is completed by elements that vary depending on time and space, such as space, sound, and light.

Light Tree (2011) is a work of interactive media art by HYBE (Han Changmin, RyuSunwoong), who won an award at the Da Vinci Ideas Competition of Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON. It will be exhibited


together with Floating Garden (2012), which is an installation structure designed by architect and Professor Kook Hyoung-gul (Ewha Womans University). Professor SeoHyojung (sadi) is a first-generation new media artist who is still working actively. During this exhibition, she will present her works of art, which were created as part of a project to assist the recovery from earthquake damage in Japan.

Japanese media artist Taka Hiro Matsuo, Belgium's famous media art group LAb[au], and the UK's sound designer and media artist Sophie Clements will also present works based on 'dreamy' light and sound that respond to the movements of visitors.

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