lqs-xpo brakke-grond - LAb[au]

liquid space 01+02 _ exhibition
& liquid space03 _ workshop

06.05 - 16.05.2005
De Brakke Grond - Amsterdam, the Netherland
in the context of: Victorian Circus festival

full program:
..04.05 - 14.05.05: liquid space 03 - workshop
..10.05 -` 20.00h: liquid space 01+02 exhibition opening + presentation
..11.05 - 14.05 _ 10.00 - 24.00h: exhibition *
..14.05 - 20.00h: liquid-space03 - closing event, performance

about lqs exhibition:

liquid-space01: deSIGNforms
liquid-space02: numbers


about liquid=space03 workshop:

workshop theme: deSIGNing feedback loop systems

Liquid Space is a series of artistic workshops LAb[au] is setting up with different cultural institutions to design spatial audiovisuals with a specific focus on collaborative and shared processes resulting in installations, exhibitions and performances.
Here, the space navigable music platform--a 3D engine developed by LAb[au]--is proposed as the


starting-point for development and exchange to the invited artists. The engine is based on the principle of integrating different media in a structural, programmed manner, inside and through electronic space navigation. An environment where the performer navigates his created 3D space to compose music in real time, displayed in a 360degree projection space and a quadra-phonic sound system.

liquid-space01: deSIGNforms _ Nabi Art Center,Seoul
liquid-space02: deSIGNing by numbers MediaRuimte, Brussels
liquid-space03: deSIGNing feedback loop systems _ De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

participants liquid-space03:
Elout de Kok, Geert-Jan Mulder, Mâa Bettier, Doug Lee.

workshop themes:

Def: In cybernetics and control theory, feedback is a process whereby some proportion or in general, function, of the output signal of a system is passed (fed back) to the input. Often this is done intentionally, in order to control the dynamic behaviour of the system.

After the liquid spac e01 - Signforms and liquid space 02 - Numbers workshops, LAbau proposes to explore further the machine space - the system - through one of its most revealing tidbits/processes, namely the feedback loop. In many ways, feedback exposes the system's internals, and unfold its parameters through its dynamic self contained and evolutive processes and in the case of open-systems linking these processes to direct human interaction"inside the loop".

By its very nature, feedback isn't related particularly to any specific medium, visual, sonic, robotic and even social/behavioural experiences comes easily to each one's mind. Historically the notion of feedback is a step stone in system's design, Norbert Wiener's writings acknowledge for this, giving


birth to system's theory and more specifically to the notion of interactivity. These two argues for the relevancy of the theme in computer/multimedia interactive designs and for its experimentation with labau's space navigable music software platform.

Whereas Signforms and Numbers themes could have been interpreted in a very metaphoric sense, feedback relates purely and simply to the system in itself, focusing on what is one of the founding intention of space navigable music, the creation of spatial audiovisual music specific to digital media, through parameter design and the common vector of "space", part of a broader scope of processes linked in a transdiciplinary and collaborative methodology/approach that labau is defining as metadesign.

Ranging from the conception and realisation of "audiovisual performative instruments" to "digital reactive space", creations made with space navigable music platform display what labau is considering as important values, like coherency with the media, highly conceptual content, methodology and integration into contemporary "digital culture".


festival: Victorian Circus
_ full program

4 - 14 May: Workshop Liquid Space 03

10 May: Opening exhibition
20.00 h: Presentation Liquid Space 01+02
22.00 h: Exploring the Room ...> by Petersonic, Eavesdropper, Els Viaene and LAb[au]


In the general aim of the Liquid Space-project to relate reflection, exchange and praxis by the means of a workshop, exhibition, presentations and performances, Dorkbot Gent ...> was invited to schedule a event-program, which stands under the title of Victorian Circus. A selection of merely belgian media artists will showcase their works during three days.

11 May
: Installations _ nMn: open lab ( microscopic landscapes ), taelman inc. _ Performances _ Johannes Taelman: flightsimulator #01, Heleen Van haegenborgh + Katrien Vermeire ( K-RAA-K )³, Tom Schouten, Stefaan Quix vs metaman: slovelmo _ Reading _ Matt Gardiner: Origamibots _ Installations _ Interaxity 4 processing, Wim Van der Vurst: Downsizing the object, Tom Schouten: dev/hda ( flashing inodes )

12 May: Installations _ Code31: open lab, taelman lab _ Performances _ Johannes Taelman: flightsimulator #02, Af Ursin ( K-RAA-K )³, Code31: presentation lab, Guy de Bièvre _ Reading _ Code31 _ Installations _ Interaxity, Origamibots, microLandscape, Visual 2005 in collaboration with Cimatics

13 May
: Installations _ nMn: open lab ( interaxity sms ) _ Performances _ Johannes Taelman: flightsimulator #03, Yzerbeat:l Crap is the shit & Kowalski, Christophe Bailleau ( K-RAA-K )³, Dilemma _ Installations _ Stijn Slabbinck, Interaxity, Origamibots, microLandscape, Kris Verdonck

14 May: Closing
20.00 h: Performance liquid space 03

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