West-Arch - LAb[au]

the architecture of a new generation

Ludwig Forum
Aachen, Germany

exhibition curated by:
modulorbeat - Marc Günnewig and Jan Kampshoff

documented projects by LAb[au]:
chronoTower, permanent illumination Brussel's Dexia Tower
chronoPrints, computer generated prints
binaryWaves, cybernetic urban installation
framework 5x5x5, kinetic light art installation
frameworkNotations, computer generated prints


West Arch presents a snapshot of a young experimental architect's scene in West Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. West Arch traces networks and structures and establishes new links in a multi-faceted supporting program. West Arch discusses the conditions of production that young architects have to deal with in different local contexts and gives an insight in the way how a young European generation of architects work.

The current situation on the market as well as the ubiquity of digital means of communication influence the operation of young architecture firms. They work in teams or networks, they are not afraid of immersing in neighboring disciplines and they occupy niches beyond the classic fields of work.


Their effect is trans-regional, often international and they take advantage of new forms of communication such as Skype to facilitate co-operation over long distances. Their work is characterized by co-existence of practical application and academic commitment, the boundaries between application and research are fluid.

Facts: 30 profiles of young teams of architects and artists

Format: Exhibition, presentations, discussions, lectures

Location: central exhibition hall of the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen

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