Media Architecture Biennale Vienna 2010 - LAb[au]

Media Architecture Biennale Vienna 2010
conference-panel: New Aesthetic Order
Kunstlerhaus Wien
from: 07.10 - 9.10.2010

LAb[au}, Els Vermang invited to present:
binary waves, cybernetic urban installation
the project will also be documented in the exhibition

Speakers include:
Kas Oosterhuis, Ludger Hovestadt, Astrid Piber, LAb[au] - Els Vermang, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Daan Roosegaarde, Alex Haw, Kari Jormakka, Jens Geelhaar, Martina Eberle, Ralf Müller, Rogier van der Heide, Thomas Grechenig, Bernd Clauss, Stephan Wittekind, Kristina Schinegger, Jan Knippers, and many more

Exhibited projects by UNStudio, realities:united, aether architecture, Asymptote Architecture, Peter Cook, Herzog & de Meuron, Gramazio&Kohler Architecture, ETH Zurich - horao, LAb[au], Traxon e:cue, Zumtobel, Citiled, ag4, gkd, and many, many more.

The Media Architecture Biennale Subject 2010 is:
Urban Media Territories; the re-stratification of urban public spaces through digital media

about :
Media Architecture Biennale is an event that intends to shed light on the chances and risks that go along with change in appearance and social change of globalized cities and discuss alternative forms and contents of new formats of architecture and media. The cooperation of practical experience and research under involvement of diverse stakeholders and experts are in the forefront of this event.


The Media Architecture Biennale Vienna 2010 comprises an exhibition, a conference and workshops. The exhibit will cover a range of about 40 projects, which will be documented or produced in the form of prototypes, models, and large-size pictures. The conference includes 3 keynote lectures and 5 panels at four people each, where different aspects of the field will be discussed in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Organiser and host of The Media Architecture Biennale 2010 is the 'Media Architecture Institute', which is based in Vienna. The institute was founded in the fall of 2009 and developed from the 'Media Architecture Group', which has, on an international level, been working on the topic of media architecture and digital media in public space since 2003.

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