Young Belgium Painters Award - LAb[au]

Young Belgium Painters Award
Palais des Beaux-Arts / Paleis voor Schone Kunsten

Award Ceremony:
24.06 2009 - 18h30

25.06.2009 - 13.09.09

Projects by LAb[au]
framework f5x5x4 - kinetic light art installation
chrono:prints -computer generated prints
SwarmDots - generative artwork

About :
Encouraging the emergence of young talents, supporting artistic approaches likely to become tomorrow's points of reference, providing a good platform for expression, these are just some of the commendable objectives pursued by the biennial Young Belgian Painters Award exhibition. A longstanding partner of the Centre for Fine Arts, the Young Belgian Painters is undertaking this exploratory work, which throws light on individual careers, artistic adventures, universes and occasionally even reveals future trends. (...)

As in the past, an international panel made up of professionals from the world of art was formed to select and reward the most promising works. This year, we have been able to count on the participation of Charlotte Laubard, Director of the CAPC muse d'Art contemporain in Bordeaux; Friedrich Meschede, Head of the Department of Visual Arts at the Deutscher Akademischer


Austausch Dienst (DAAD) in Berlin until October 2008 and now Head of exhibitions at the MACBA in Barcelona; Macha Roesink, Director of the De Paviljoens Museum in Almere and Yves Aupetitallot, Director of Le Magasin, the Centre national d'art contemporain in Grenoble. (...)

The artists shown this year explore the contemporary art scene openly and freely, unencumbered by doctrinaire or aesthetic prejudices. Jeroen Hollander'simaginary maps of towns and fictional networks, Robert Kot's photographs of landscapes inhabited by great inner strength, Caroline Pekle's houses of cards and other images examining the notion of movement and the interactive kinetic sculptures by Els Vermang | LAb[au] all reflect remarkable artistic itineraries in which questions of an architectural, urbanistic or technological nature are posed. The work on memory has place of honour in the works of Nico Dockx and Helena Sidiropoulos, whose sources are to be found in the archives of the Centre for Fine Arts and in the photographs of workers&rsqu o; houses in Genk by Lara Mennes, while Leon Vranken finds uses for everyday objects that were never originally envisaged. (...)

Paul Dujardin, Director BOZAR

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