time/emit - LAb[au]

time/emit LAb[au]

[DAM]Berlin gallery
Exhibition: February 21st - March 28th, 2009

List of presented projects:
chronoPrints, computer generated prints
and 8 nintendo consoles, 2009
swarmDots, 2009

The exhibition deals with the subject of time. On the basis of cybernetics and the theory of colours they transform time in light and colours. The local time of different time zones on earth will be shown as a perpetually changing colour installation on twelve consoles according to the principle of GMT. The code of the installation - the concept of the work - is visualised as a text on the walls of the gallery.

In addition the chronoPrints will be shown which represent each a period of two hours of a day. One half of the day is based on a white background to symbolise the reduction of all colours (decreasing light from noon to midnight), the other half on a black background as a result of the addition of all colours (increasing light during the morning hours). The chronoPrints take part of the chrono cycle which has been started with a light artwork exhibited from sunset to sunrise on Brussels' Dexia Tower in 2007.


Apart from the installation 'time ¦ emit LAb[au]' also presents their new sculpture swarmDots dealing with the subject of swarms. As the antecessor pixFlow it is not only an aesthetically coherent software piece but also includes the hardware intentionally as part of the sculpture. The column is made of a t-shaped Plexiglas box and thereby fully showing its components. swarmDots consists of four vertically assembled screens, on which the software piece is shown.

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