mediafassaden - LAb[au]

Exhibition at DAZ, Deutsches Architektur Zentrum, Berlin
16. Oktober 2008 - 21. November 2008
im DAZ_Scharoun Saal

featured project of LAb[au]:
Touch, interactive urban installation, 2006
Dexia Tower, Brussels

in the context of the Media Facades Festival Berlin

This exhibition will explore the integration of moving images into the building facade as a communicative element, and its effect on Urban Space. A selection of innovative projects that have been realized in various cities will demonstrate possible connections between architecture and screens and highlight different artistic and architectural strategies. Practical technical information will give architects a deeper insight into the challenges and possibilities of utilizing new media in architecture.

Media facades create utterly new connections between digital space on the one hand and architecture and urban space on the other hand. Never before was there an interface between the physical and the digital world, which was public to such an extent, that it appeals not only to individual users, as in the case of a personal computer, but also to whole groups or even to a whole urban population and that furthermore also allows to "reply", i.e. to interact with a facade or to design its content.

In this case, a powerful potential for design and effectivity is created, involving a range of chances and risks that are difficult to estimate and that require thorough discussion. The producers and the


users of media facades equally face a range of challenges, and it will need time for fully differentiated opinions and positions to evolve from the discourse which is just taking shape. In most cases of outstanding media facades, technology is an integral part of the project and it is not possible to say where the art work ends and the technical design begins. Therefore visitor will experience the full impact of the projects through facade components, models, material samples and video presentations.

Presented projects:
Galleria Store UN Studio and Arup Lighting, Seoul
Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Córdoba, realities united
Allianz Arena in Munich by Herzog & de Meuron
Touch, interactive urban installation, LAb[au]

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