InterActive - LAb[au]

InterActive: New Technologies in Contemporary Architecture
October 3, 2008 - January 24, 2009

Sheldon Art Galleries
Bernoudy Gallery of Architecture
St.Louis, USA

exhibited project by LAb[au]:
framework notations + video documentation about framework


ART+COM (Berlin, Germany)
Greyworld (London, England)
LAb[au] Laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism (Brussels, Belgium)
Modulorbeat (M√ľnster, Germany)
Thomas Nicolai (Erfurt, Germany)
realities:united GmbH (Berlin, Germany).

About the exhibition:

Guest curator Jasmin Aber, Program Coordinator of SCiRN, Institute of Urban Design and Regional Development & Center for Global Metropolitan Studies, University of California, Berkeley, brings together some of the most innovative new international architectural designs which integrate new technologies like video, soundscapes , LED light banks, computer controlled lighting, kinetics and --->


other media to create exciting interactive environments. Innovations in architecture and technology have pushed the boundaries of what is possible for our built environment, our experience of it and its physical limits like never before: a paradigm shift in architecture and urban design. Digital media is increasingly becoming not only an object of, or content for the design of spaces for arts and culture, but rather a form of spatial typology in itself. InterActive: New Technologies in Contemporary Architecture explores emerging practices within architecture and wider trans-disciplinary fields that merge digital technologies and virtual spaces with tangible and physical spatial experiences. Instead of defining a fixed architectural product, media architecture is in a state of constant flux.

Architectural theorists, media activists, urban planners, advertisers and artists are all contributing to this rapidly expanding shift in architecture that is at an intersection with technology - reactive, interactive and responsive - art and media together. This exhibition takes a wide-ranging look at the merging of architecture and technology, providing exciting new opportunities for extending the design experience of our built environment, presenting some of the most innovative design ideas and projects being created today.

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