fete de lumieres - LAb[au]

Fête de lumières
Lyon, France
Berges - Terrasses de la Guillotière
from 5.12.2008 to 8.12.2008

Featuring: binary waves, cybernetic urban installaton

48 mobile illuminated panels installed beside the water transcribe the urban movements captured in the crowd to provide incredible displays of reflections and lights. The stroller observes the stage set and becomes an unwitting component of this cybernetic installation in the city.

It is all based on the detection of flows: passers-by, cars, the water... transcribed in real time onto the 48 mobile illuminated panels. Each signal caught by the sensors is transmitted from one installation to the next, creating a wavelike movement. The panels turn on their vertical axis alternately showing their shiny black side and their matt silvery side, creating optical effects in black and white, like shifting bar codes.

At night, these alternating reflections are relayed by red and white LEDs. A form of "communication" is thus established between the living and the machine. This is an artistic project designed by the LAb[au] - laboratory for architecture and urbanism, a collective of artists founded in 1997, based in Brussels, which examines how technology influence show the man apprehends the world.

Artistic conception: LAb[au]
Team: The LAb[au], Laboratory of architecture and city planning
Production: LAb[au] + Synesthesie
Project sponsored by: Grand Lyon

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