art.ficial 4.0 - LAb[au]

Emergencia art.ficial 4.0
International biennale of art & technology

02.07.2008 - 14.09.2007
Itau cultural
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Presented artwork of LAb[au]
pixflow#2 - generative art console

about the biennale

Besides the everyday meanings of the word emergence, it is used by systems theorists and other scientists to denote the process by which unforeseen complex systems and patterns arise from interactions based on simple rules. The brain, the anthill, and open-source software are examples of emergence in this sense. The fourth edition of the Emotion Art.ficial proposes a reflection on emergence in the field of cybernetic art.

The exhibition presents artworks composed of real or virtual elements which, when they interact among themselves, give rise to complex events unforeseen by the artist. In this way, the poetic construction of these artworks presents emergent characteristics that expand the traditional concepts of creation and authorship. Besides the exhibition, the Simpósio Emoção Art.ficial 4.0

[Emotion Art.ficial 4.0 Symposium], concerning the concept of emergence, will be held from 2 to 5 July and will be broadcast live on the internet. The programming will be completed by the ON_OFF live-image spectacles and dance improvisation performances.


Exhibited artists:

Miguel Chevalier _ Ultra-Nature, Ruairi Glynn _ Performative Ecologies, Roman Kirchner _ Roots, LAb[au] _ pixflow, Leonel Moura _ Robotic Action Painter 3, Pascal Dombris _ Mikado_Xplosion, Santiago Ortiz _ Bacterias Argentinas, besides others...

About LAb[au}

pixflow #2, by LAb[au] (Belgium, 2007) is a sculpture in the form of a vgenerative art console composed of four displays arranged vertically. A program simulates a vectorial field in which the particles flow according to the evolution of the field's density. The initial interaction that unfolds in the field provokes the emergence of totally unforeseen behavior among the particles.

LAb[au] is a Belgian artist collective founded in 1995 by Els Vermang, Jérôme Decock, Alexandre Plennevaux and Manuel Abendroth. The group's areas of interest range beyond architecture and urbanism (present in the abbreviated name) to also involve software art and VJing. Besides this, they hold symposiums and workshops with important talents such as Lev Manovich, Marcos Novak and Stanza.

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