New territories 10 - LAb[au]

new territories
International festival of live art

Organized by:
Produced by new moves international

Glasgow, Scotland, UK
At: tramway

Featuring: man in e.space_extended, audio-visual dance performance

The extraordinary work of French company res publica with their man_in_e_space-extended project conducted in partnership with Belgian collective LAb[au] brings together dance, architecture, and digital media. During this installation, spectators will move around in an interactive environment composed of four screens. The presence of dancers, under the cover of darkness, will be reduced to glowing lines emitted by costumes whose long light sticks will outline their body movements, which will be captured and processed in a 3D digital environment, then projected onscreen.

LAb[au], the laboratory for architecture and urbanism. Co-production by ARCADI, Carré des Jalles, with the support of CNC/DICREAM, French Ministry of Culture and Communication and with assistance from University Paris VIII, Médias Cité, and Transcultures.

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