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Image radio _ festival
Interactive experiments in public space

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

PixFlow #2, generative art console


'The other work that really impressed us was LAb[au]'s latest work: PixFlow #2 is a generative artwork running on an elegant Plexiglas box which contains 4 stripped screens and 4 computers. Four flash-cards containing operating system and executable file, can be swapped with other cards, containing future, generative artworks of LAb[au]. On the screens, a vector field and moving particles/pixels are shaping into flows as their density evolves. Vectors and particles move around as if they were living creatures with their own plan. It's one of those works you can't fail to admire: they might be complex and deep, but their sheer beauty can also be enjoyed by anyone.'

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about the festival:

Interactive experiments in public space... that's not easy to imagine. So, what is Image Radio? Have you ever heard of or seen interactive art? It's art that you can inluence or manipulate, or art which reacts on its environment. That's the kind of art we have on display during Image Radio, with the emphasis on screens. Throughout the city we show a diversity of installations.


Some are build out of giant LED screens, some with beamers and screens. There is even one installation built from mosquito- nets with projections on it, where you can walk through. If you're interested in the scientiic background of screens in public space, we advise you to visit the symposium on November 3rd, at the Van Abbemuseum. Enjoy Image Radio 2007!

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