SOCO Amsterdam - LAb[au]

SOCO Amsterdam
Club 11 of the Stedelijk Museum Post CS
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


featuring audio/visual performances by:
LAb[au] performing 'space navigatable music' installation
Erzatz, HaloSinus and Legoman, AntiVJ


Projected on four large screens, LAb[au]'s space navigatable music installation presents the party audience with a 360 degree (3D) environment of interactive vj graphics and sound. the software allows the vj to actually navigate through a real 3-dimentional environment where objects within the space generate audio and real-time visuals.

This is the second party of a 3-part VJ series; spotlighting both video and new media artists who utilize VJ'ing as their exhibition method. This is a showcase for artists who break away from those repetitive, centralized, layered graphics now standard in the party scene. The series focuses on VJs who incorporate audience interaction, innovative projection methods and storytelling techniques as key aspects of their presentation.

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