[RE]Nouveaux plaisirs d'architecture - LAb[au]

[RE]Nouveaux plaisirs d'architecture
Emergent figures of Belgium architecture in the French community
exhibition: 02.02. - 03.04.2005

Espace Architecture La Cambre, Brussels [ B ]

Organised by :
CIVA, centre international pour la ville et l'architecutre

LAb[au]'s installation 'voice space'

Winning teams are: V+ and LAb[au]


This exhibition wants to be a first opportunity for young selected Belgium architects to expose their works and to present their ideas. This exhibition takes part of a series of initiatives and events to make this architecture better known. This first manifestation should lead in the future to a Biennial and a travelling exhibition profiting of CIVA and LA Cambre relationships to present this essential part of the Belgian architectural production in Belgium as well as in other countries. For this specific exhibition 7 young offices, under 36, has been selected as winning teams and five as participants, out of the huge amount of entries. Lab[au] has been selected as winning team with the following jury

jury comment about LAb[au]:


"The jury has underlined the importance and interest to enlarge the architectural field which is inherent in LAb[au]'s work. Further the openness of the office to collaborate with other systems ( art/science) as the questions dressed to the groundings of architecture itself, the meaning of space, the relationship between the object and the subject...in resume what Architecture is in a time of virtualities."

list of exhibited architects:

Bureau vers plus de bien ĂȘtre ( V+ )
Ines Camacho
LAb[au], Laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism
Vincent Pierret et Anne Ledroit
Vincent Callebaut

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