Ballets de lumieres - LAb[au]

man in, audio-visual danceperformance
start: 19:00h
LAb[au] + Pes Publica

at: l'espace EDF Electra,Paris France

in thecontext of:
Ballets des Lumieres
exhibition Nicolas Schöffer
11.05 - 11.10.2005

following an invitation of:
Eléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer

.."My themes - the human figure in space, its moving and stationary functions, sitting, lying, ..walking, standing - are as simple as they are universally valid. Besides they are inexhaustible." ...... Oskar Schlemmer

..The performance ' man in ' is the result of a collaboration between the French ..based dance company 'Res Publica' and the Belgian collaborative agency LAb[au] _ between and architecture. The performance is a first step towards an interactive dance performance ..examining the notion s of space and action - movement , confronting them to ..communication and computation technologies which extend perception and understanding, eventually underline the relationships between body and space _ bodyspace.

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