performative architecture - LAb[au]

performative architecture
11.03. - 02.04.2004
TU-Delft, Delft the netherlands

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documented projects of LAb[au]:
i-skin, electronic bodyness
space navigable music
liquid space
lightscapes, displacement maps

The goal of the ' performative architectures ' exhibition is to give insight into the role of digital media in architecture that goes beyond its use for presentation and to give a better understanding of the full implications that the incorporation of digital media has for architecture in the broadest sense. In order to avoid falling into the trap of displaying merely the aesthetics associated with digital media, it was decided that the theme of this exhibition should address the broader context in which the use of digital media in architecture is situated. It should address the specific ways in which experimental architects make use of digital media, what effects this has on architectural production and architectural form, and how this relates to today's rapid and complex cultural transformations. It was decided that the theme of the exhibition should be Performative Architectures. Performance as a paradigm for architecture moves the attention away from the static object and towards a complex and dynamic plane of relations. It focuses not on architecture as a static art form but on its effects that transform culture: architecture as cultural production. Performative Architectures understand architecture,


technology and culture not as separate and isolated elements, but as elements interrelated through complex feedback loops, by which they simultaneously affect each other. Performative Architectures as the theme for this exhibition will prevent the situating of digital media as an isolated tool.

> Anthony Vidler .. [ Acting Dean of the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union
.... auther of 'The Architectural Uncanny' and 'Warped Space' ]
> Ali Rahim [Prof. University of Pennsylvania, USA / director of Ali RahimCAP, USA]
> Kas Oosterhuis [ Prof. University of Technology Delft, NL ]
> Lars Spuybroek [ Prof. University of Kassel, GER, director of NOX ]
> Karrel Vollers [ Prof. University of Technology Delft, NL / author of 'Twist and Build' ]
> Bart Lootsma will be leading the discussions.

Participants exhibition:
> Greg Lynn FORM, USA
> RUR Architecture PC [ Reiser + Umemoto ], USA
> Ocean North, Helsinki/ Oslo/ London
> Ocean D, UK/ USA
> Ali Rahim, CAP, USA
> NOX Architekten, NL
> Decoi, FR
> Marcos Novak, USA
> Objectile, FR
> LAB[au], BG


> Kolatan / MacDonald Studio, USA
> Makoto Sei Watanabe, JP
> Ted Krueger, USA
> AA DRL, Patrik Schumacher UK

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