polygone den(c)ity - LAb[au]

polygone den(c)ity
16.01.2003 - 23.01.2003

with invited musicains from NYC:
Chris burke a.k.a Glomag
Haeyoung Kim a.k.a bubblyfish
secret agent gel
Shel Kimen a.k.a. Klever Vice


space navigable music, audio-visual performance
New Museum _ Zenith lounge
583 Broadway
New York, NYC USA

invitation by: Anne Barlow, new museum
in the context of:
Super-ficial: The Surfaces of Architecture in a Digital Age' exhibition

This is the first New York performance for Brussels -based artists:


LAb[au] - laboratory for architecture and urbanism
Manuel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock, Pieter Heremans and Alexandre Plennevaux

Founded in 1995, lab[au] explores ways in which our conceptions, and perceptions of space are being transformed by new technological processes. Combining code and language drawn from communication and information sciences, much of lab[au]'s work explores the impact of 3D Real Time modeling languages (such as VRML) on the construction of physical and electronic space.

In this new project, polygon den[c]ities, LAb[au] creates a shifting schematic of New York with graphics, wall projections, sounds, and spatial structures generated in real time. Operating on spatial (x,y,z), temporal (t-movements) and sonic (frequency,pitch) parameters, this dramatic visual and sonic 360° space responds to the position and movement of audiences through image sequencing, sound mixes, camera movements, and cinematic techniques.

During the performance, "spheres" 3Dsound objects-managed by lab[au]'s electronic musician Erzatz-trigger samples created during a three day workshop by lab[au] in collaboration with invited New York based musicians and sound artists.

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