JEU DE MOUVEMENT _ exploring the body in motion

at: Le Cube - espace culture multimédia

en 3+4jeu x 3, interactive scenic device
LAb|au| + Res Publica
at 14:30 and 18:30

about the performance:
The performance ' en 3+ 4 jeu x 3 ' is the result of the collaboration between the French dance company Res Publica, the Belgian laboratory of architecture and urbanism LAb[au] and the French-Swedish composer Nils Mèchin.
A time, given at the beginning of the show initialize a countdown. What will happen in the given timespan will be the result of the audience intervention on the scenic setting of the performance, via a multimedia interface, projected on the back of the scene and from which the options chosen by the audience will take shape. Like a combinatory game, this space of projection and interaction, of 3+4X3 sequences, examines the relations between scene/space - where, actor/audience - who, and play/representation - What. In this manner the scene, the actor's performance, the music and the interface constitute successively a language defining the performance as a trace to be negotiated with the public. The reduction to an elementary scenic language based on its very codes explores representation according to the introduction of real time interactivity, an inter-relation between the public and the actors. In this manner each representation constitutes a specific event questioning the modalities of a medium through an hypertextual device.

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